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Wednesday, March 2nd 2011

9:56 AM

Updates and upcoming updates

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We are pleased to announce that DIY DataRecovery iRecover 5 is available as we speak. Some highlights:

Our RAID reconstruction engine has been entirely rewritten. The main advantage is that it's quicker: Once iRecover has enough info to rebuild the array it will continue to the next step rather than scan the entire array. In order to accomplish this automatic array type detection (RAID 0 or 5) had to go, so you now need to specify the array type yourself.

We finally addressed the fact that the serial number could not be entered on-the-fly, so now people using the demo can immediately get on with the recovery after entering a serial number.

We have added search options to make finding your data in the reconstructed directory tree easier.

You'll also notice that the interface had changed slightly (http://www.diydatarecovery.nl/IRscreenshots.htm) and that we have added support for GPT (GUID partition table) disks.

Please email us for upgrades (support@diydatarecovery.nl), make sure to include your order ID.

* And also: Within 2 weeks we expect to release iUndelete 2.0.
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