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Monday, June 22nd 2009

11:23 AM

Looking for DIY RAID data recovery solutions?

Well, if you are then you will have discovered that there are plenty of solutions available that claim to RAID 0 or RAID 5 'compatible. But you have to look a little further than that ...

1: Some vendors will claim RAID compatibilty if their software supports recovery of data from INTACT arrays. That's the same level of compatibility that for example Notepad offers: Yes indeed you can save files with notepad on your RAID array ... So, then it's compatible then, right? However, neither notepad or the data recovery solution will do you any good when there's something WRONG with the array.

2. Some vendors offer seperate RAID reconstruction modules, no actual file recovery capability is included in these modules! These modules will typically reconstruct an array, write the reconstructed array to an image file, and then you would need an additional file recovery program to extract individual files from these image files.

3. Many vendors think you know all about your array. Do you? Do you know the disk order? Do you know the stripe size? Do you know parity rotation order? You better do because that's what their software will ask you for! You don't? Well, don't worry! Because those vendors will happily sell you their services to determine all those parameters for you. Or you can do it yourself, poking around on you disks with a disk editor, looking for boot sectors and such. You know what a boot sector looks like, don't you?

Or ... you could use DIY DataRecovery iRecover. iRecover reconstructs arrays in memory. Automcatically. The only thing you will have to tell iRecover, is which disks were members of the array. In case of RAID 5, iRecover can even reconstruct the array if a member is missing. iRecover will figure out the disk order, parity rotation etc.. And once it has done that you can just copy your data to safety as if you were recovering data from a normal single disk.

Compare that you other RAID reconstruction capable software that expects you to enter things like disk order, and parity rotation parameters.

Compare the $89.95 you pay for iRecover to the prices of the RAID recovery solutions of our competitors. Where you will have to pay for their seperate modules. Or additonal services.
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