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Saturday, July 11th 2009

12:35 PM

Recovering digital photos from memory cards (again) ...

I talked previously about the free digital image recovery mode of iRecover, but that's not all we can do for you if you have deleted data from a memory card. The digital image recovery module of iRecover is geared towards the recovery of images and it only supports a limited number of media file formats (GIF, JPG, TIFF, CRW, MOV, WAV and CR2). But of course a memory card does not have to contain images by definition.

- Using iRecover: Treat the memory card as any other strorage device and switch to 'simple recovery' mode rather than 'digital image recovery' mode. If you are after deleted files (so not files that were lost de to accidental formatting etc.), make sure to make iRecover show deleted files as well. You can also use this mode if you found the digital image recovery mode to be unsuccessfull. Typically digital camera's put all photos in ONE folder, so you can even explore this option with the free trial as it allows you to recover the contents of one folder.

- Using iUndelete: If you are after files that you accidentally deleted from a memory card you can use iUndelete. After all iUndelete does not care if the deleted files are on a harddisk or any other device Windows assigns a drive letter. Also, iUndelete does not care about the type of files that were deleted, so recovery is not limited to digital image files.

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