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Thursday, October 11th 2012

9:51 AM

Why you should use iRecover ...

Why you should use iRecover

iRecover is different from other data recovery software. It is better. iRecover gets data where other software doesn't.

There are many different approaches towards data recovery, but most programs out there follow the same route: look at a few key spots on the disk and assume the rest, and base the recovery on that information. This can work, if the damage is minimal, but in most cases this approach is not the best: these assumptions can be based on incorrect or old information, and not all data will be recovered.

Data on a hard disk is stored in an organized system that is called a file system. A file system stores 'meta' info to describe some of it's own parameters. For example: cluster size, which is important to find a file that is stored in cluster X, is defined in the boot sector of a volume. The boot sector also contains the location of where the file system stores the first sector of the Master File Table. The first entry of this NTFS Master File Table (MFT) describes the position and size of the MFT itself. When data recovery software is scavenging the disk for data, it could use the information it finds in a boot sector or this first MFT sector. Once you have this, you know where all (lost) files are. That's pretty smart it seems, because often you will indeed find this information (boot sector, first MFT record). But just as often it can not be found, because of corruption or other serious damage. That is why iRecover works the way it does.

iRecover does not care about boot sectors or the first record of the MFT. It looks for every MFT record. It examines these records one-by-one. And if a record points to a JPG file in cluster X, it will look to see if there really is a JPG file at that location. It can also use this information to come up with important parameters (like the cluster size), all by itself, completely ignoring what might be in a (corrupt or missing) boot sector. It does not take shortcuts. And that's why iRecover can often recover data where other data recovery software can not.
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