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Friday, September 21st 2012

7:48 PM

Use iRecover to recover data from a failed NAS device

iRecover has everything on-board to recover data from a failed NAS device. With built-in support for XFS and RAID reconstruction there is no need for separate tools (as seen with many other data recovery software manufacturers).

iRecover software works with various NAS devices by many vendors. The list includes:

  • Synology
  • QNAP
  • LaCie
  • Iomega Storcenter
  • Seagate BlackArmor
  • Drobo
  • Thecus
  • Buffalo Technology LinkStation
  • Western Digital MyBook

Apart from iRecover you will need a PC running Windows, free space to copy recovered data to, and plenty of time.

* As with all Windows based software you will need to remove the disks from the NAS box. Before doing so, label disks and hard disk connections so you can put everything back if needed.

* Attach the disks to a PC running Windows with iRecover installed. The order in which you connect the disks is irrelevant. It is preferred to connect the disks to SATA ports. If not enough SATA ports are available you can connect remaining disks via USB.

* Run iRecover. First go to 'advanced configuration' > 'disks and partitions' and enable 'Scan for md-raid volumes'. Click OK to close advanced configuration.

* Select Data Recovery for Windows and Linux.

* Select the volume you want to recover data from.

* Sit out the scan, when done select the data you need to recover and copy it to a safe place.

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